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Nobody said it would be easy

September 24, 2019

With the education already done, thanks to the help of Dr. Santiago Martín Rillo, Maria Àngels Rial decided to take the next step: set up a laboratory, and acquire some good stallions. However, the idea was much more complex than it seems initially. Starting with the important investment that had to be made.

Despite the family’s reluctance, the insistence of Maria Àngels overcame and managed to set up everything necessary. The most complicated job seemed to be done, as many farmers in the area assured her that they would buy doses, which all pointed to that there would be benefits quickly. But nothing in this life is easy, and another big problem arose: African swine fever. At that time (several years ago), the biosecurity progress of today was not counted, so prevention was the best solution.

Due to this disease and to prevent any risk, selling doses was forbidden in the area for a limited time. This entailed economic problems for the family because of the investment made. Faced with such adversity, and with the need to start having benefits, it was time to roll up sleeves, draw up a plan, and work to redirect the situation. And she did, as we will discover in the next episode.