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Training on biosafety and logistics for carriers of Semen Cardona from Andalusia, Murcia, and the Valencian Community

July 26, 2022 The Semen Cardona carriers of the Andalusia, Murcia and the Valencian Community routes have received training on biosecurity and logistics, two of the mainstays of the company, to offer the best product and service to our customers. Those responsible for... +

Semen Cardona celebrates its summer party

July 21, 2022 When Semen Cardona defines itself as a company with family DNA, it is because of events like this one: the summer party (“Semen Cardona Summer Festival”), a meeting that has allowed us to have a good time with colleagues, fostering... +

Semen Cardona was present at Minitube TechDays in Germany

May 19, 2022 The technical and production director of Semen Cardona, Xavier Barrera, was present at the Minitube TechDays in Tiefenbach, Germany, which revolved around professional boar semen production. The first day was filled with specialist lectures by well-known industry experts. Dr. Martin... +

The new Semen Cardona order system is a success thanks to the involvement of our clients

August 17, 2021 On August 1, we implemented changes in our order collection system: they had to be made exclusively through our APP and until 10 in the morning. The objective was to offer greater operational effectiveness and better service. And the response... +

Duque AI Center achieves the ANPSTAND certification for its excellence and innovation

August 2, 2021 Duque Artificial Insemination (AI) Center, in Segovia, is one of the largest and high-tech Semen Cardona production centers. It has been certified with the ANPSTAND seal of the “Quality Standard for Swine Artificial Insemination Centers” accredited by the Araporcei Certification... +

CIA Alòs: technology and biosecurity as a result of the alliance of Semen Cardona and Premier Pigs

July 21, 2021 Semen Cardona has a modern and extensive artificial insemination center (AIC) in Alòs de Balaguer (Lleida) and hosts the largest number of boars in Catalonia. That AI Center was created as a result of the collaboration with Premier Pigs, a... +

Training for managers of Semen Cardona México at the headquarters

June 18, 2021 Constant improvement is one of the pillars of Semen Cardona and, by extension, of Semen Cardona México, the company's most important international commitment. For this reason, SC Mexico managers went to the company's headquarter to carry out training and learned... +

Carles Torrentó, Director of International Development of Semen Cardona: "Collaboration is and will be the key to success"

May 28, 2021 Carles Torrentó arrived at Semen Cardona in 2013, and in 2020 he was appointed Director of International Development, after years of working on this plot for the company. From a family closely related to pig farming, Carles studied Agricultural Engineering... +

Semen Cardona assists one more year in AMVECAJ

January 27, 2020 From February 5 to 7, Tepatitlán de Morelos (Jalisco, Mexico) will host the XXVI edition of the AMVECAJ Conference Series, entitled “Training… the power of transformation”. And, how could it be otherwise, Semen Cardona will attend the event with its... +

Post-cervical insemination, a consolidated and growing technique

January 20, 2020 After reviewing the numbers obtained by Semen Cardona in the previous exercise, with a historical record of distributed doses, other data came to the fore and are worth noting. One of them is the increase in formats adapted to post-cervical... +