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7 Semen Cardona clients were awarded at the Porc d'Or 2019

December 4, 2019 The Porc d'Or awards distinguish, year after year, excellence in pork production. A desire that we share in Semen Cardona, so we want to highlight the work done by all the nominees in this 2019 edition, and especially the winners,... +

Semen Cardona congratulates the Porc d'Or 2019 awards winners

December 2, 2019 Semen Cardona was present last Friday at the delivery ceremony of the prestigious Porc d'Or awards, organized by the Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA) to highlight excellence in pig production. As sponsors, we want to congratulate the 48... +

Semen Cardona bets strongly on the Iberian market

November 29, 2019 In its goal of continuing to grow, Semen Cardona begins to implement a plan to study and enter new markets nationwide. For this reason, Semen Cardona once again has pure Iberian pigs in its facilities in Segovia. They are A4... +

Jordi Coletas Rial: "we work to open other markets"

November 29, 2019 Semen Cardona is in the process of expansion, where it must be consolidated as one of the international references that it already is. Jordi Coletas Rial is aware of this and, if in the first part of the interview he... +

CIA Núcleo triples the doses commercialized

November 14, 2019 In just over four years, Semen Cardona is not only established in Mexico but has managed to gain a space in one of the most important and competitive markets that exist within the pig sector. Thanks to the exponential growth... +

Hygiene and sanitation, first of all: the exclusive Semen Cardona truck for the transport of boars

November 11, 2019 With the goal always in mind to achieve maximum hygiene and safety in all our processes, Semen Cardona works continuously innovating and looking for alternatives that allow it to go a little further in both fields. As an example, Semen... +

Semen Cardona, with representation in OPORPA

November 11, 2019 Another year, the Semen Cardona team attends the National Pig Producers Congress (OPORPA), which is held between October 23 and 26 in Vallarta, Mexico. Assisting this event is a fantastic chance for Semen Cardona to approach the pig farmer, learn... +

Jordi Coletas Rial: "the goal for Semen Cardona is to keep being a reference in the health of its products"

November 11, 2019 Maria Àngels Rial was the entrepreneur who, more than 35 years ago, carried out a difficult project, in which few people believed until it became an international reference company. This business is Semen Cardona and, now, it is the turn... +

Javier Barrera: "we have led a project to design an alternative to the use of antibiotics that has antimicrobial capabilities"

October 24, 2019 Below, we leave you with the second part of the Javier Barrera's interview, technical director of Semen Cardona, (you can find the first one here), on which the expert in swine genetics continues to explain the state of biosecurity, the... +

Javier Barrera: “we must raise awareness about the need to pay close attention to biosecurity”

October 24, 2019 Technical Director of Semen Cardona for more than 20 years, Javier Barrera has been an indispensable part of the company's development. After years of experience, he has become a reference in the swine genetics sector. Currently, Javier Barrera leads the... +