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Semen Cardona hosts a delegation of international CIA managers

October 10, 2019 Yesterday, Semen Cardona received a visit from a delegation of CIA officials through IMV, an international company that is a reference in the areas of veterinary and medical assisted reproduction technologies. The event was attended by about twenty attendees, from... +

Semen Cardona doubles its boars and quadruples its doses in just two years

October 3, 2019 The swine insemination company does not stop growing in Mexican lands. In just two years, thanks to the support and trust of our customers, Semen Cardona has managed to double its number of boars and quadruple the number of doses... +

Semen Cardona, immersed in a project against the use of antibiotics

October 3, 2019 With the increased use of refrigerated seminal doses for artificial insemination, solutions have been sought to control bacterial growth in semen, because bacteria have spermicidal effects, reduce sperm motility, affect membrane integrity plasma, induce degenerative acrosomal exocytosis, and can cause... +

Nobody said it would be easy

September 24, 2019 With the education already done, thanks to the help of Dr. Santiago Martín Rillo, Maria Àngels Rial decided to take the next step: set up a laboratory, and acquire some good stallions. However, the idea was much more complex than... +

And you, what university do you come from?

September 24, 2019 Maria Àngels Rial has never been a woman who gave up easily. His bad experience at the Clariana de Cardener Artificial Insemination Center was not enough to discourage her, but quite the opposite, because it motivated her to demonstrate to... +

“You are useless for this”

August 27, 2019 These are words that were heard by the founder of Semen Cardona when she was young and her career was giving the first steps. In the mid-1980s, Maria Àngels Rial wanted to learn about a form of porcine artificial insemination,... +

Semen Cardona: a birth-style Silicon Valle

August 27, 2019 With this post, we start a series of stories around the path of Semen Cardona, a familiar DNA company that was born, as the title of this text indicates, to the purest "Silicon Valley style." It did not start in... +

Maria Àngels Rial: Hope, determination and tenacity, the keys for success

August 27, 2019 Semen Cardona is a benchmark company in the pig sector, commercializing about 4 million doses to about thirty countries on 4 continents. It also has international headquarters in the Philippines and Mexico, 19 artificial insemination centers, 5 central laboratories and... +

Semen Cardona plans its strategy in the Philippines with partners and clients

August 23, 2019 The local partner of Semen Cardona in the Philippines, Plaridel, along with some of the main Asian clients of the local artificial insemination center (AIC), participate these days in the medium-term strategy planning in the region. For a few days,... +

Semen Cardona reinforces its environmental commitment with the most sustainable logistics vehicle in the sector

August 16, 2019 The artificial insemination center (AIC) of Semen Cardona in Tarazona (Zaragoza, Spain) was already a unique facility of its size and nature in Spain that was self-sufficient and 100% sustainable in energy matters. It is also one of the most... +