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We prepare and distribute porcine semen of high genetic value, from fresh and frozen doses of the best genetics worldwide and with the maximum guarantees of quality, prolificacy and biosafety.

Maternal line


Large White AXIOM

Prolificacy’s criteria have always been of great importance in the selection of large white AXIOM, making it one of the largest prolific whites in the world. For several years, AXIOM has been dedicating part of the selection to the range criteria to produce heavy and homogeneous piglets, a guarantee of autonomy for the bristles (sows) and also a guarantee of success for the later stages of weaning and fattening. The production criteria are an integral part of the selection objective of Large White AXIOM, in particular, the criterion of the consumption index, through the control of boars in the Azay-sur-Indre Centre.

Landrace AXIOM

The Landrace AXIOM also has a large part of its target selection dedicated to prolificacy. Recognized for its maternal qualities, the selection objective increases the quality of the Landrace AXIOM range by selecting the birth weight and homogeneity of the litter. Like the other female lineages, the Azay-sur-Indre Centre houses Landrace boars to control the consumption, growth index and to locate the best individuals in the AIC.

Choice Genetics


It is a large white hyper-prolific lineage that stands out for its great maternal aptitude. It has been selected to obtain excellent growth characteristics, resulting in a progeny with very good production results, good growth and a tight conversion rate. The morphological selection carried out in recent years has also resulted in a lineage with an average tits above 15.7 making her able to raise her entire litter with no difficulty.


DanBred Landrace

The DanBred Landrace is one of the female breeds used in the Danish crossbreeding programme for the production of YL sows/gilts. The Landrace has a exceptional carcass quality. Because of their high fertility, Landrace sows are often used as dams for YL sows, which are the best hybrid sows for the production of finishers. DanBred Landrace is a strong pig with solid legs. It is known for its high quality meat.

DanBred Yorkshire

Like the DanBred Landrace, the DanBred Yorkshire is also used as a female breed in the crossbreeding system. It is the best breed with regard to daily gain, feed conversion, meat percentage and meat quality. That is why this breed is used (in a smaller extent) as a terminal sire for finishers. The DanBred Yorkshire also features high fertility and brilliant mothering abilities.


DNA Genetics LIne 200 Yorkshire

Fast growth, feed efficiency and carcass composition, produces pigs that require less pounds of feed per carcass weight gain.

DNA Genetics Line 400 Landrace

fast growth, feed efficiency and carcass composition, produces pigs that require less pounds of feed per carcass weight gain.



Hypor Landrace

Based on the improvement of productivity, the capacity of weaning and permanence as well as the ease of handling, but also in the improvement of the lean percentage and the nutritional efficiency.

Hypor Large White

Based on the improvement of productivity, the capacity of weaning and permanence and the ease of handling, but also in the improvement of the lean percentage and the nutritional efficiency.


Large White by Nucleus

We pay special attention to balance, resistance and conformation when we select Large-White by Nucleus.

Landrace by Nucleus

Our selection is the best commitment of reproduction and production criteria. Every piglet born must be weaned!

Terminal Line


Pietrain Axiom



Male finisher that allows to obtain the maximum efficiency of fattening and the maximum quality of carcass, with high percentages of lean meat and muscular conformation. It is the ideal male for markets that demands lean and conformed channels.

Bavarian Pietrain

Choice Genetics


Resistant to colibacillosis K88. Male with high heterosis effect and high Pietrain component. Combination of muscle and growth percentage.


Ideal to produce pigs with high slaughter weights of very good shape with excellent growth rates and feed conversion. High percentage of lean. Very vigorous piglets. Low mortality rate in fattening. Selected for its growth (GMD), the percentage of lean and IC, a profitable male to produce excellent pigs at the lowest cost.


DanBred Duroc

In combination with LY/YL sows, the DanBred Duroc is an effective terminal sire breed. In Denmark, there is a long tradition for using Duroc boars as the terminal sire and LY/YL sows as mothers of finishers. Crossing these three breeds enables pig producers to benefit from hybrid vigour which results in optimal daily gain, a high meat percentage and excellent quality meat. For example, DanBred Duroc finishers’ daily growth is about 100 grams greater than finishers from Pietrain boars.


DNA Genetics Line 600 Duroc

Industry-leading average daily carcass gain. More full-value pigs and pounds of lean carcass marketed per pig placed. Exceptional feed efficiency, growth rate and uniformity through to finishing. Accepted at all major packers in North America. Exceptional meat quality and carcass characteristics: color, pH, IMF. Durability from birth to market resulting in more full value pigs, lower mortality, and fewer culls and substandard pigs


German Pietrain


Hector is characterized by a balanced ratio of meat content and growth with excellent performance in feed utilization, meat quality, and homogeneity. We offer the German Piétrain program boar HECTOR as a pure-bred Piétrain boar with superior growth, highest feed efficiency and best vitality of his piglets.


Hypor Magnus

With Hypor Magnus, everything is high minus the costs. Hypor Magnus produces high quality pigs that satisfies the breeders and high quality meat that satisfies consumers. Its high average daily gain and yield reduces production costs. In addition, it offers an extraordinary meat and carcass quality with a productive increase that will maximize its results. The unsurpassed adaptability of this animal makes it the best choice for a wide variety of farms and markets, thanks to its high weights, superior growth and a lower conversion rate. If we add a custom selection of boars, we will have a Hypor Magnus ready to meet your needs and expectations.

Hypor Maxter

The low production cost and maximum profitability are combined in this exceptional Pietrain race line. The Hypor Maxter is characterized by its high feeding efficiency and production and its high lean performance.

Hypor Kanto

Premium quality meat with no high cost of production. High-vein meat, superior color and high water retention capacity. Ideal for demanding export markets, high-level catering and for the high- quality retail market.



We pay special attention to the plummets, resistance and the conformation during the selection of Piétrain Boars by Nucleus.


PIC 280 Duroc

Boar for the production of quality meat at low cost. All the advantages of an efficient Duroc line focused on meat quality. With high economic performance in feedlot. PIC ® 280 – High quality meat ideal for producing hams. PIC has its Duroc populations in its Canadian and US cores. It performs tests to Boars PIC® 280 and identifying the best for the Spanish market under a special index (high quality of meat).
The selection of the PIC® 280 focuses on: Carcass and meat quality; Strong weight of infiltrated fat and PH. Production cost; Based on high growth, survival and conversion rate.
The Wild Boar PIC® 280M is the best choice for producers seeking to improve their production costs and the quality of meat for the production of hams, dried and fresh meat of high quality.

PIC 337

The PIC® 337 is the most sold boar worldwide due to its excellent performance in fully integrated systems.
This product has been selected to produce a uniform progeny and offer excellent profitability.

PIC 408

For a high total economic benefit. More meat with less fodder. PIC® 408 – The Pietrain that contributes value in all phases of the meat chain.
The perfect choice for the producer of piglets, or finished pork or cutting room that wants to improve the economic performance of its operations through: Greater vitality of its piglets, more efficient utilization of the feed and all the advantages of a Pietrain of high lean content.