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And you, what university do you come from?

September 24, 2019

Maria Àngels Rial has never been a woman who gave up easily. His bad experience at the Clariana de Cardener Artificial Insemination Center was not enough to discourage her, but quite the opposite, because it motivated her to demonstrate to everyone that she could reach it. So, fully convinced to train in artificial insemination, she decided to try her luck in the only place where she could learn this technique: Madrid.

Currently, moving to Madrid is an easy trip, though, 30 years ago, it was not so simple. For this reason, Maria Àngels’ family was reluctant to let her go, although the founder of Semen Cardona managed to convince them and go. The artificial insemination technique was taught for qualified professionals, so to study the technique, it was necessary to be licensed. When she arrived to register, they asked Maria Àngels from which university she came from, to which she replied: “None. I am a farmer and I just want to have the opportunity to train. ”

Although initially, the organizers were reluctant, Dr. Santiago Martín Rillo, eminence in the Swine Insemination, and who attended that time, offered to help her, as Maria Àngels Rial has explained on several occasions. So, thanks to the notes and tricks that Santiago Martín provided her after school, the founder of Semen Cardona was able to learn, return home, and direct the beginning of what would be her project. Though there were still barriers to overcome, as we will see in the next chapter.