25 de April de 2024

Xavi Barrera, Technical Director of Semen Cardona, speaker at ITM Magapor: a proactive approach against PRRS

Xavi Barrera, the Technical Director of Semen Cardona, was one of the speakers at the ITM Magapor, the 16th International Technical Meeting of Magapor’s Swine Reproduction Specialists, taking place in Zaragoza. This reflects our company’s ongoing commitment to the forefront of swine reproduction and disease control in the industry.

This event, known as an international technical meeting point for specialists in swine reproduction, provided the ideal setting to address one of the most significant challenges in our industry. In his talk titled “The PRRS Challenge in Insemination Centers: How Thorough Quality Control Can Prevent Spread on Farms,” Xavi Barrera discussed how Semen Cardona implements stringent quality control measures that act as a barrier against the spread of this virus.

Semen Cardona‘s approach is not limited to just complying with current regulations; we go further by implementing advanced biosecurity protocols at all our insemination centers.

Through international platforms like ITM Magapor, Semen Cardona shares our knowledge and experience with the goal of enriching the exchange of ideas and technical advancements that occur at these meetings. This enables us not only to anticipate future challenges but also to implement practical and effective solutions that benefit the entire global swine industry.

We look forward to continuing our active participation in events like ITM Magapor to keep leading the way towards safer and more profitable swine reproduction. At Semen Cardona, we are convinced that the key to success in our industry lies in innovation, expert knowledge, and a rigorous focus on quality at every step of our process.