11 de April de 2024

International meeting: a brazilian pork producers delegation visits Semen Cardona

In a day that reflects the growing interconnection and international collaboration in the pork sector, Semen Cardona had the honor of hosting a delegation of pork producers and industry leaders from Brazil. This meeting, facilitated by Hipra Laboratories, symbolizes a bridge between markets and also an invaluable opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and experiences in our industry.

The visit took place at the headquarters and central laboratory of Semen Cardona, where discussions about practices, challenges, and advancements in the production of seminal doses for artificial insemination in the pork sector were held.

Semen Cardona extends special thanks to Isaac Ballará, Global Technical Manager at Hipra, and his team, for choosing our company as the meeting point for this exchange.

The event underscores the importance of international collaboration and the exchange of knowledge among professionals in the pork sector. Through these interactions, Semen Cardona seeks not only to strengthen its network of international contacts but also to contribute to the development and continuous improvement of the sector at a global level.

Such meetings are crucial for the advancement of pork production, allowing professionals in the sector to share best practices, innovations, and strategies to address the common challenges of the industry.