29 de September de 2023

Xavi Barrera, Technical Director of Semen Cardona, distinguished speaker at the 5th International Genox Symposium on Porcine Reproduction

Xavi Barrera, the Technical Director at Semen Cardona, has been one of the distinguished speakers at the prestigious 5th International Genox Symposium on Porcine Reproduction in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has played a pivotal role as one of the coordinators of the opening workshop and has additionally delivered two conferences throughout the two-day symposium.

The event started with a workshop focused on reproduction, where Barrera has held a prominent position as one of the activity coordinators, lending his expertise to the section on “Future Seminal Analysis and Verification.”

His extensive experience and knowledge in the swine reproduction industry have been of immense value to this discourse, centered on the quest for innovative and advanced solutions in seminal analysis and continuous quality enhancement.

Moreover, Barrera has taken the lead in two conferences. The first one delves into seminal dose traceability, exploring the significance of traceability and how advanced technologies are reshaping how we manage and monitor semen quality in porcine reproduction.

In his second conference, Xavi Barrera has focused on the role of technology within the sector. Titled “Porciculture: From Digitalization to Artificial Intelligence,” he has taken us on an exhilarating journey into the future of porciculture, where digitalization and artificial intelligence play a pivotal role in optimizing production and decision-making.

Xavi Barrera’s participation in this symposium underscores his dedication to innovation and continuous improvement at Semen Cardona, and it further reaffirms our commitment to excellence in porcine semen production.