18 de October de 2023

The participants in the Swine Management and Economic Program of the 333 Academy visit Semen Cardona

The 333 Academy is hosting the second edition of its innovative Swine Management and Economic Program. Following the resounding success of the first edition held a year ago, the new edition is taking place this week in the area with the highest density of swine in Spain: Cardona. The first stop for its participants was the central headquarters of Semen Cardona.

The Swine Management and Economic Program, a micro-MBA from the 333 Academy sponsored by Semen Cardona, is a comprehensive program that covers a wide range of modules, from leadership and personnel management on farms to visits to different links in the production chain, including feed manufacturing, state-of-the-art farms, and waste management.

The participants of this program, fourteen leaders from 5 Latin American countries, live a unique experience, sharing knowledge and experiences with senior executives from the Spanish pork industry. They have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the management practices of local producers and understand the importance of technology in the production process.

During their visit to Semen Cardona’s facilities, the participants could explore our central headquarters, learn about our state-of-the-art facilities, and gain insights into our high-quality swine semen production practices. An enriching experience for all, and we are delighted to have shared our knowledge and expertise with the future leaders of the swine industry.

Apart from educational visits, the program offers discussion sessions with industry experts and networking dinners with entrepreneurs and professionals associated with the swine industry. It provides an excellent opportunity for exchanging ideas and building networks within the swine industry.

At Semen Cardona, we take pride in being part of this educational experience and look forward to future cooperation with the 333 Academy. We are proud to contribute to develop skilled and passionate professionals who will lead the swine industry in the future.