5 de October de 2023

Semen Cardona participates in the XLII Anaporc Congress

Semen Cardona has attended the XLII Anaporc Congress, in which we are proud collaborators. This prestigious event was held at the Fórum Evolución Burgos-Palacio de Congresos y Auditorio Burgos and organized by the National Association of Scientific Swine Farming (Anaporc). According to data from the Burgos City Council, the congress brought together more than 550 professionals from the swine industry.

Jordi Coletas, General Manager of Semen Cardona, and Rafael Candal, Director of the Central Zone, represented our company at this significant congress. Semen Cardona’s participation underscores our continuous commitment to innovation and the development of swine health and production.

The Anaporc Congress was focused on science and current trends, offering a dynamic program that featured various conferences and roundtable discussions on the most relevant topics in the pork industry.

These events offer a distinctive opportunity to share knowledge, discuss emerging trends, and explore solutions to key challenges in swine health and production.

Semen Cardona continues to work closely with pork producers to drive efficiency, quality, and sustainability in pork production, and events like the Anaporc Congress serve as a valuable forum to achieve these goals.

We sincerely thank Anaporc for organizing this successful event. We also look forward to collaborating with the professionals who attended the congress to promote progress in the swine industry.