10 de February de 2023

Semen Cardona revolutionizes the doses abeling system and facilitates data management by the client

Innovating and offering the best customer service are always among our priorities. For this reason, we started the year by implementing a new labeling system in our doses: a QR code with more information for greater traceability and, above all, to provide our clients with more control and management tools.

This change will allow Semen Cardona to improve the traceability of each of the doses we produce and, in turn, our clients incorporate these doses into their farm management system. In this way, they will be able to control their traceability by observing which males they have used, which boars come from, and where they are.

This new labeling, which incorporates a QR code, structures the information so it can be used in the main farm management applications.

The new labeling includes the following information:

  • Lot identifier: improves the traceability of each dose.
  • Dose identifier
  • Male of the dose or males of heterospermia.
  • Race of the male or males of the het.
  • Center of origin of the male or the laboratory where the heterospermia or dose was produced, together with the zootechnical code of the center.
  • Date of extraction or creation of heterospermia.
  • Volume of the dose.

The Semen Cardona CIAs in Catalonia will be the first to update their labeling system, which will be fully implemented in all our centers throughout the first quarter of the year.