18 de January de 2023

Semen Cardona establishes itself as the reference of the Spanish pig industry: the most trustworthy value chain

As a service company with high added value, the trust placed in us by customers and suppliers is the best guarantee of our work. And the response of both to the value chain provided by Semen Cardona establishes us as the benchmark in the pig industry in Spain.

Semen Cardona is the best partner to weave alliances and develop projects: our work and continuous innovation help to increase the profitability and quality of farms. And in addition, we do it carefully to guarantee maximum biosecurity. Figures support it.

During 2022 we have carried out more than 30,000 PCR controls and Elisa tests on blood and semen to guarantee the biosafety of the product. Our customers can check the test results before receiving the product.


In addition, for the first time in our history, Semen Cardona has exceeded 5 million doses distributed in Spain, a record figure in the Spanish pig sector. Specifically, we have sold 4,042,413 semen doses and have distributed another 964,533, for a total of 5,006,946 doses.

To these must be added the 482,192 doses sold in Mexico, for almost 5.5 million doses distributed worldwide.


This last year we have experienced tremendous international growth. We have launched our third international project, after Mexico and the Philippines: Semen Cardona Colombia. The brand new CIA La Cuesta, located in Medellín and inaugurated last December, is also the headquarters of our offices in the country.

In addition, in Mexico, we have launched our third center in the country, the El Milagro Genetic Dissemination Center, the result of an alliance with Topigs Norsvin, with a capacity for up to 200 stallions and its laboratory.