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Semen Cardona reinforces its environmental commitment with the most sustainable logistics vehicle in the sector

August 16, 2019

The artificial insemination center (AIC) of Semen Cardona in Tarazona (Zaragoza, Spain) was already a unique facility of its size and nature in Spain that was self-sufficient and 100% sustainable in energy matters. It is also one of the most modern and with most biosecurity centers in Spain. But Semen Cardona has still wanted to go one step further.

For a few days, the van that exclusively carries doses of semen from the AIC to the logistics point located in the town of Tarazona is a 100% electric vehicle. This is the only logistic vehicle that enters and leaves the insemination center. At the same time, the personnel only access the facilities with a collective transport vehicle that picks them up and returns them at the Tarazona logistics point.

The purpose of this displacement system is to maximize biosecurity measures, added to the fact that the CIA is located in a completely isolated area in a rustic area, more than 10 km from any livestock farm. But this security is still further reinforced by an environmentally-based measure: the electric van does not need to be charged outside the premises since it takes the electricity produced by the field of solar panels located on the farm that generates all the energy necessary for the CIA.

Therefore, the Semen Cardona logistics van in Tarazona is completely self-sustaining in the same way as the installation, which houses about 300 stallions of the PIC genetics and has become the great production center of the North American multinational in the south of Europe. Semen Cardona, the leader in swine insemination and exports of the sector in Spain, plans to incorporate new electric vehicles into its fleet and invest in both renewable energy and other areas of sustainability in its twenty facilities.