28 de July de 2023

Semen Cardona Mexico expands the CIA Núcleo, reaching a total capacity of 700 boars within the country

Semen Cardona Mexico, a leading company in the swine reproduction sector, continues to grow and has increased the capacity of the CIA Núcleo (AI Center), adding 40 additional units, raising the total capacity of this center to 324 units.

With this significant expansion, Semen Cardona Mexico achieves an unprecedented installed capacity of 700 boars across its three centers: the CIA Núcleo, the CIA San Joaquin, and the CDG El Milagro. This expansion is the effect of the trust of customers, driving Semen Cardona to invest in its growth in Mexico.

This expansion marks a significant step forward for the company, reaffirming its position as a reliable and solid partner for swine producers in Mexico, showcasing its continuous commitment to growth and investment in the country.

Semen Cardona Mexico’s CIA Núcleo, located in Guanajuato market, is renowned for its excellence in producing high-quality swine genetic material. The company has established itself as a benchmark in the market thanks to its dedication to genetic improvement, innovation, and customer satisfaction.