26 de July de 2023

Jordi Coletas, CEO of Semen Cardona: “Drone deliveries enable a significant leap in biosecurity”

“A historic milestone.” That’s how Jordi Coletas, CEO of Semen Cardona, describes the first commercial cargo drone flight beyond line of sight. It is a milestone achieved by Semen Cardona, which, above all, represents a breakthrough in ensuring high biosecurity during deliveries.

“We are taking a big leap in biosecurity. Drone deliveries prevent contact between farm personnel and logistics staff, a critical point for disease transmission on farms. This is eliminated with the drone, which goes directly from the logistics center to the farm,” explains Jordi Coletas.

This innovative drone transport proposal reflects Semen Cardona’s strong commitment to continuous improvement and investment in innovation, values that also characterize the entire pork industry. The technological and logistical advancement brought about by this initiative represents a significant step towards efficiency and excellence in our services.

Furthermore, drone transport also contributes to sustainability: the drone took 7 minutes to reach a delivery point 30 minutes away by road. It also reduces plastic waste from gloves and bags that delivery personnel use for each delivery.

Following this pioneering first flight in Spain, Semen Cardona is already working to export the transport method to one of its international locations: “Colombia is a country with transportation challenges due to its topography, and we are also exploring the possibility of implementing it there.”

Here you can watch the summary video of a historic day for Semen Cardona: