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Semen Cardona doubles its boars and quadruples its doses in just two years

October 3, 2019

The swine insemination company does not stop growing in Mexican lands. In just two years, thanks to the support and trust of our customers, Semen Cardona has managed to double its number of boars and quadruple the number of doses marketed. With these numbers, Semen Cardona has not only consolidated its position in Mexico, but it has managed to gain almost 7% market share.

Semen Cardona has two insemination centers, the CIA Núcleo (State of Guanajuato) and the CIA San Joaquín (State of Sonora). With them, the growth experienced by the swine insemination company has been exponential. In CIA Núcleo, Semen Cardona has gone from having 152 to 225 males and marketing 9,500 at doses at 27,000 per month. On the other hand, in CIA San Joaquín the growth has been similar since it has happened to have 105 boars and to produce 8,000 monthly doses.

Currently, Semen Cardona has 330 pigs spread between both CIA, more than double that two years ago. As for the doses, Semen Cardona has gone on to produce 36,000 monthly doses, which almost quadruples the numbers with which it worked in just two years. With the company’s effort to grow and offer the best possible service, as well as the best results from our customers, Semen Cardona improves its position in a market as competitive as Mexico.

This growth allowed the inauguration of the offices of Tepatitlán de Morelos, Jalisco, in July 2018, to further consolidate its presence in Mexican lands. With the same objective in mind, Semen Cardona has not missed his appointment and has had a significant presence in renowned fairs such as Amvecaj, Amvec, and Oporpa.

These numbers corroborate the magnificent work that Semen Cardona has been doing and how it is making a space in a competitive market that presents the greatest growth prospects in America. It is an enclave where Semen Cardona proposes to lead its Latin American expansion and thus continue with its growth plan.