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Semen Cardona Colombia is ready for its inauguration. What innovations will it bring to the Colombian pig sector?

November 24, 2022

The inauguration of Semen Cardona Colombia, the new international project of Semen Cardona, already has a date: it will be next December 7. Then a project will start in which Semen Cardona will contribute almost four decades of experience to the Colombian pig sector.

“Semen Cardona developed software to integrate everything from logistics to temperature control, dispatches, processing, production, and billing. It is a much more integrated system and allows the producer much greater efficiency,” explains the director of Semen Cardona Colombia, Jhon Fredy Ardila.

The logistic system is one of Semen Cardona’s strong points,” everything is well coordinated,” he points out. “In addition, they have genetics that we do not have right now and that we know can generate a great advantage for the producer in our country.”

The one in Colombia will be the third international headquarters of Semen Cardona, after Mexico and the Philippines. The new CIA La Cuesta, the artificial insemination center of Semen Cardona Colombia, is located in Medellín, Antioquia.