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The AIC Duque is already 100% sustainable after installing 104 solar panels

November 15, 2022

At Semen Cardona, we are committed to renewable energies in our Artificial Insemination Centers (AIC). And we are pleased to announce that the AIC Duque, one of the largest and most technical production centers in Semen Cardona, is 100% sustainable after installing 104 solar panels of 47 kWp.

Located in the province of Segovia and inaugurated four years ago, AIC Duque uses electric power as the only source for heating, cooling, filtered air, and all its services to produce semen doses analyzed with PCR.

AIC Duque is a multigenetic center that provides service to the entire country, with a production capacity of more than 650,000 seminal doses per year. Its location is privileged, isolated in the middle of a pine forest but, at the same time, close to good communication networks that facilitate national distribution.

A year ago, AIC Duque was certified with the ANPSTAND seal of the “Quality Standard for Swine Artificial Insemination Centers” from the Araporcei Certification Commission.