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Semen Cardona bets strongly on the Iberian market

November 29, 2019

In its goal of continuing to grow, Semen Cardona begins to implement a plan to study and enter new markets nationwide. For this reason, Semen Cardona once again has pure Iberian pigs in its facilities in Segovia. They are A4 boars, so their health status is the highest possible.

This commitment to the growth of animals falls within the framework of the expansion of Semen Cardona, which tries to gain a greater place in places such as Andalusia, Extremadura and Castilla la Mancha, areas where the Iberian market predominates. For this, in addition to having these pure Iberian pigs, Semen Cardona has Duroc with a high percentage of infiltrated fat, so all of them are of excellent quality in the meat and perfect for its customers.

In this way, Semen Cardona not only bets on consolidating its national reference position but also aims to obtain a higher market percentage. A commitment to animal growth, always based on the objective of satisfying its customers by offering the best and acting under maximum biosecurity protocols.