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Jordi Coletas Rial: “we work to open other markets”

November 29, 2019

Semen Cardona is in the process of expansion, where it must be consolidated as one of the international references that it already is. Jordi Coletas Rial is aware of this and, if in the first part of the interview he referred to the transfer of powers, in this he will review the possible strategic markets on the horizon of Semen Cardona, the company’s commitment to the environment and current affairs of an increasingly globalized and technical sector, to which we must adapt

Q. How has the management changed for a company with twenty centers in 3 different countries and with decentralized laboratories and distribution centers?

It is one of the great challenges we have had in the last 5 years. In Semen Cardona, we had many small and medium-sized CIAs that supplied semen to packaging and distribution laboratories. Today, however, we believe more in the concentration of boars in large centers, to facilitate remote management.

Q. What are the strategic markets in the expanding horizon of Semen Cardona?

Spain and Mexico continue to be the expansion markets, as they are two countries in the world’s Top 10 in pig production and both with constant growth and restructuring. We also work to open other markets in Latin America and Asia, but with less pig volume.

Q. One of the consumption trends is the reduction of animal protein. Does this determine your vision of the future?

The trend of animal protein reduction comes from “first world” countries that, yes, it is true, they have a very high consumption of animal protein. On the other hand, there are very populated countries that have difficulties to acquire it. In the case of Spain, it is a surplus country in pig meat production and a large part of it is oriented to export within the EU and, increasingly, to third countries. The concern of reducing animal protein consumption, in general, only occurs in Europe.

Q. What is the environmental commitment of Semen Cardona?

Semen Cardona is closely committed to the environment and animal welfare. I remember that, at the beginning of 2000, we already had all the facilities with the new EU regulations on animal welfare, and we were among the first CIAs to apply it. As examples, we have 2 fully autonomous CIAs with energy plates. Likewise, we have different contracted services for the selective collection of products such as medicines, plastics, cardboard or batteries, among others. On the waste of manure from the boars, we reuse it to fertilize our fields.

Q. What factor makes the difference in the relationship with the customer?

All the factors make the difference and, as in any precision machine to which part fails, it stops working. We believe that all factors are important, some more than others, but none can happen without continuous supervision.

Q. What is the most immediate goal for Semen Cardona?

Our goal is to be able to introduce new health and biosafety techniques at the lowest cost to the client, and so, they can continue to trust that they will have doses in the best hygienic, sanitary and safety conditions