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Semen Cardona APP reaches 30% of sales volume

December 16, 2019

A little less than a year ago, Semen Cardona launched an exclusive APP for its customers, in order to facilitate the acquisition of doses and to have maximum control of their displacement, among other features. Its use has been such, that the demands and purchases through the application already occupy 30% of the sales volume of Semen Cardona.

The application has been downloaded by hundreds of customers who already enjoy their advantages, also reaching a hundred commands per day. The Semen Cardona APP offers various options and ease so that customers can get their doses comfortably and intuitively, which means that more and more users are encouraged to place their orders through the mobile application.

Likewise, the application also tracks the order internally with the traceability of the delivery car, the temperature of the conservators and the delivery hours. All this, to have control of the entire process and ensure the correct operation of the cast, leaving nothing to chance. These characteristics are possible through the internal tracking available to Semen Cardona.

The application continues to be available both on Google Play and in the Apple Store for download and that even more users can benefit from its advantages. To learn more about the app, here is a video explaining how it works and its characteristics.