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7 Semen Cardona clients were awarded at the Porc d’Or 2019

December 4, 2019

The Porc d’Or awards distinguish, year after year, excellence in pork production. A desire that we share in Semen Cardona, so we want to highlight the work done by all the nominees in this 2019 edition, and especially the winners, among which there were 7 clients of Semen Cardona, for their contribution to get these magnificent results.

In the 5th category of Numerical Productivity (PN), two clients of Semen Cardona have taken the top positions: gold for La Pinosa Farm (Cincaporc) and silver for Valsocarrada (Explotaciones Bajo Aragón SL). And in the 2nd category of PN, one of our clients, Germans Ribes (Germans Ribes Baratas, SL), has taken the bronze.

In total, three clients of Semen Cardona have achieved a gold distinction: Agropecuaria Albalatillo (Cooperativa Ganadera de Caspe), Granja Pontós (Granja Les Olives, SL) and Granja La Pinosa (Cincaporc). Two have achieved silver distinction: the Valsocarrada (Explotaciones Bajo Aragón SL) and the Llagostera Farm (Pinsos Grau, SA). And two more have achieved bronze distinction: Granja Pallaruelo (Cincaporc) and Germans Ribes (Germans Ribes Baratas, SL).