24 de May de 2024

Outstanding participation of Xavi Barrera, technical director of Semen Cardona, in the XIII AVPA Congress in Zaragoza

Xavi Barrera, Technical Director of Semen Cardona, participated in the XIII Congress of the Association of Swine Veterinarians of Aragon (AVPA). Barrera presented a lecture on “Different Production Models to Optimize Productivity in AI Centers” during the event held at the Congress-Expo Palace and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zaragoza.

In his presentation, Barrera discussed various approaches to improving efficiency in swine artificial insemination centers, providing specific examples and strategies based on his experience at Semen Cardona.

Xavi Barrera‘s lecture was part of a series of workshops aimed at addressing key issues in swine management and production. His presentation offered attendees a detailed analysis of production models and their impact on productivity, highlighting the most effective practices to implement on farms.

The XIII AVPA Congress brought together numerous professionals from the swine sector, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences on the latest trends and innovations. Xavi Barrera‘s participation in the congress reflected Semen Cardona’s commitment to continuous improvement and collaboration within the swine industry.