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Maria Àngels Rial, awarded for her professional career

July 12, 2019

The founder of Semen Cardona and entrepreneur has been recognized with an award that praises and rewards a professional career full of successes and spirit of improvement. An award that was presented during the gala organized by the Fòrum Econòmic de la Catalunya Central.

Maria Àngels Rial becomes the first woman to receive such a distinction alone, highlighting her facet breaking down difficulties. During the delivery ceremony, the businesswoman was outlined as an example of talent and entrepreneurial character, so that it could serve as an example for other colleagues.

Thirty-five years ago, Maria Àngels Rial gave birth to an ambitious project based on a barely known technique: artificial insemination. This is how Semen Cardona was born, which grew to become the state export leader, with an international presence thanks to its offices in Mexico and the Philippines.

But her entrepreneurial nature led her to not settle for this and, in 2007, she launched the Migjorn oil production, with the aim of returning the local variety of Corbella olive to Cardener. And, as we know Maria Àngels, there will be new projects and challenges to overcome, to keep growing and innovating.

The gala of the Fòrum Econòmic de Catalunya Central aims to make public and point out the value of the talent of Central Catalonia, to claim the work that is done from the territory. It is also an opportunity for diverse entrepreneurs to generate positive synergies and to have examples to look for in order to keep growing.

Now, we would like to show you the video about the trajectory and professional career of Maria Àngels Rial.