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VI Semen Cardona Technical Conference

June 25, 2019

Last Wednesday, June 19, the 6th Semen Cardona Technical Conference took place at the Parador de Cardona, an incomparable setting where 30 technicians from the different insemination centers that the company has in the national territory met.

This year, the main axis of this day was the revision of the cleaning, sanitization and disinfection protocols that are carried out during the different processes necessary for the elaboration of high-quality seminal doses.

The day was inaugurated with a workshop dedicated to the management of the CASA system implemented in the company. Then, the technical director explained the progress that has been made in the R & D project that the company develops with the aim of reducing the use of antibiotics in seminal doses.

Finally, the technical team of Semen Cardona organized a round table in which they discussed the different cleaning and disinfection protocols that are carried out in quarantines, production centers and laboratories, in order to improve and continue advancing in the achievement of the better product and service for our customers.