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CIA Núcleo triples the doses commercialized

November 14, 2019

In just over four years, Semen Cardona is not only established in Mexico but has managed to gain a space in one of the most important and competitive markets that exist within the pig sector. Thanks to the exponential growth that the company has suffered, and the trust of its customers, Semen Cardona has made almost 7% of the market share.

Much of this growth is due to the CIA Núcleo, which in just a few years has progressed from having 152 boars to 275. On the other hand, it has gone from selling 9,500 doses, to almost triple this figure with 35,000 monthly doses commercialized. Thus, through the quality of its production and the hygiene and biosafety prevalent in its processes, Semen Cardona has managed to have a continuous growth year by year.

Mexico and Semen Cardona, a lasting relationship

The idyll with Mexico began some time ago, as dose exports began in the 2000s. However, the landing of Semen Cardona in the country came with the establishment of CIA Núcleo, in the state of Guanajuato. This relationship was born from the collaboration DNA of Semen Cardona, which created a connection with the Regional Livestock Farmers Union of Guanajuato (UGRPG). In this way, Semen Cardona laid the first stone of the ambitious expansion project in which it is currently involved.

CIA Núcleo is a multi-genetic insemination center with excellent conditions for animals and a maximum level of biosafety, whose laboratory is equipped with the most powerful technology in the sector on a global scale to develop and distribute doses of high genetic value to the Mexican market. A technological complex with innovative and safe processes that follow the highest standards of biosafety, in order to correspond to the trust that customers place in Semen Cardona.