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Jordi Coletas Rial: “the goal for Semen Cardona is to keep being a reference in the health of its products”

November 11, 2019

Maria Àngels Rial was the entrepreneur who, more than 35 years ago, carried out a difficult project, in which few people believed until it became an international reference company. This business is Semen Cardona and, now, it is the turn of his son, Jordi Coletas Rial, to take the reins of a leading company that is immersed in an ambitious international expansion plan.

Now, at the head of Semen Cardona, Jordi Coletas Rial must provide new ideas that will allow him to continue with the international expansion plan. For Jordi, the words trust, commitment, biosafety, and innovation have been the support of the company and must continue to be so. Below, we leave you with the first part of his interview:

Q. This year you have assumed the general direction of Semen Cardona. What goals have you set for your new position?
We are in a transition period, but the change will be finalized in January 2020. Despite this, neither before nor after this date, no one of us will leave 100% of the current functions, it will be a gradual transition.

My goal is that Semen Cardona continues to be a reference in the health of its products, and improve, even more, biosecurity in all processes, from the entrance of the animal to the delivery of the dose on the farm.

Q. What does the word trust mean to Semen Cardona?
The trust that the client places in us and in everything we do is essential, indispensable. Without that trust, there would be no Semen Cardona. When a customer decides to acquire our doses, he makes a bet for us and our product. Trust and credibility are essential.

Q. Confidence and security are the fundamental support for Semen Cardona?
Yes, definitely. And that’s why we work on it every day. One of our goals is to strengthen our already powerful biosecurity. For this reason, we have begun to publish the analyzes of all the animals in our CIA. We are the first company to offer such a degree of transparency, for the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

Q. What has to happen so that the product always arrives with the highest quality at its destination?

It is essential to have a team of people involved, prepared, and motivated in your organization. Because, for more protocols, quality standards, technologies, and biosafety standards that we provide to our company, if there is no good cohesion and motivation of the team at your disposal, nothing matters.

Q. Semen Cardona is experiencing a great moment of expansion. To expand in a balanced and sustained way, is alliances the key?

Alliances are always helpful and Semen Cardona is a company that has always had a very solid relationship with customers and suppliers. I am sure that part of the success of the growth of SC has been collaborations with universities, suppliers, customers, and even with competitors with whom we have co-operated at key moments.

In the next interview, we will continue to investigate the expansion objectives of Semen Cardona, the health of the sector, and the vicissitudes of the management of a company of the caliber of Semen Cardona.