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Hygiene and sanitation, first of all: the exclusive Semen Cardona truck for the transport of boars

November 11, 2019

With the goal always in mind to achieve maximum hygiene and safety in all our processes, Semen Cardona works continuously innovating and looking for alternatives that allow it to go a little further in both fields. As an example, Semen Cardona is one of the few centers that has its own truck exclusively for the sole transport of our boars between quarantines and CIA. A way to ensure that no external element has the chance of coming into contact with our animals.

The truck has all the accessories and technology necessary for maximum animal welfare. Up to 28 boars can be transported, each with its own space and having ventilation devices or showers for the summer, always looking for the greatest safety and comfort for animals.

In this line, Semen Cardona also works on an innovative and exclusive element that will be the point of collection of the slaughterhouse, another factor of added value in the work process of Semen Cardona. With this, it is intended to minimize any entry of external vehicles, especially those that have direct contact with the animals, keeping all circumstances under control and thus preventing any negative accident for animals and people.

Value-added elements that Semen Cardona implements with the firm objective of always ensuring the best product conditions for its customers. Hygiene, safety, and biosecurity are the bases on which Semen Cardona supports and backs up its work and research and for which it continues to be one of the international benchmarks in the sector.