21 de July de 2023

Semen Cardona achieves pioneering flight in Spain: unmanned drone cargo transport

Semen Cardona has become the first company in Spain to successfully conduct a commercial cargo transport flight using an unmanned drone beyond line of sight, following operational authorization.

This pioneering experience was witnessed live by print media, digital media, radio, and television outlets, as Semen Cardona conducted two drone cargo transport flights, showcasing the innovative technology developed in partnership with BCN Dron Center.

“Once again, Semen Cardona demonstrates its commitment to innovation,” explains Jordi Coletas, CEO of Semen Cardona. “We are proud to have accomplished the first unmanned drone cargo transport flight in Spain, a milestone we have been working towards for some time. It reflects our dedication and capacity for innovation and our pursuit of setting new standards of quality, particularly in logistics and, above all, in biosecurity, which is crucial in our industry.”

For Semen Cardona, the ability to transport products with drones adds an extra layer of high-value service as it further enhances biosecurity by minimizing human contact compared to traditional delivery methods.

Drone cargo transport, an emerging field in logistics, offers numerous advantages, including the capacity to overcome geographical obstacles, avoid ground traffic, and gain access to remote or challenging areas.

“At Semen Cardona, we strive to promote advanced technological solutions that optimize our processes, and this achievement testifies to our constant drive for improvement. We will continue to lead and pave the way toward a more efficient and sustainable future for cargo transport,” concludes the CEO of Semen Cardona.

During its first flight, the drone delivered materials to a pig farm located 7 kilometers away from Semen Cardona’s headquarters. Upon returning, it conducted a second flight, this time to a delivery point located 6 kilometers away.

“We are thrilled to have achieved this milestone in logistics, specifically in drone cargo transport. We are delighted to partner with a company like Semen Cardona, a pioneer in innovation, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration to forge new paths in the transportation field,” details Jordi Salvador, CTO, and Business Development of BCN Dron Center.