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Javier Barrera: “we must raise awareness about the need to pay close attention to biosecurity”

October 24, 2019

Technical Director of Semen Cardona for more than 20 years, Javier Barrera has been an indispensable part of the company’s development. After years of experience, he has become a reference in the swine genetics sector. Currently, Javier Barrera leads the research and collaboration projects in which Semen Cardona is working. Always, with the objective in mind to improve, even more, the extreme measures of biosafety and excellence in product quality. R + D + i is the main support on which growth is based on a company that is one of the benchmarks at the international level. Below, we leave you with the first part of the interview.

1- More than 20 years ago, Semen Cardona opted for you, and today you are a reference in the sector. How has the sector changed since then?

The sector has changed a lot because it has become a professional sector. Now, there is a lot of quality in the entire production process, facilities, and personnel. All this professionalization causes that the demands of the market and the consumer, both at a productive level, meat quality or biosecurity, need high standards that everyone must achieve. The competition pushes all the companies to innovate and renew.

2- Is total biosecurity possible? Will one day be?

Biosecurity is developed in various areas (physical barriers, management, plant design, etc.), so it becomes really difficult to reach that point. Despite the evolution of the sector (currently at the highest level), it should be clear that some pathogens, despite all the barriers that exist, can enter. We talk about living beings to whom it is impossible to stop 100% because they mutate and change to overcome difficulties. In the end, it is a matter of probability, which is almost ridiculous thanks to the excellent work that is done.

3- Where is biosafety going?

Here are two factors to consider: management and awareness. For many barriers that you put at the technological level, for example, if people are not aware of the importance of being careful and meticulous with biosecurity, there will be problems. Anyone can make a mistake, so we must focus on making people aware of the importance of paying close attention to biosecurity.

4- Always ahead of biosafety, Semen Cardona has incorporated a new daily analysis system that customers can consult in real-time. Do you tell us?

In our facilities, the best of the market in terms of structure and biosecurity is applied, in addition to having the protocols fully updated. We also have a monitoring system of our centers to certify the health of animals. Likewise, we have introduced a new molecular biology technique capable of detecting certain viruses that may be inside the semen. In this way, we can ensure and certify that our dose items are monitored and free of certain viruses