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Javier Barrera: “we have led a project to design an alternative to the use of antibiotics that has antimicrobial capabilities”

October 24, 2019

Below, we leave you with the second part of the Javier Barrera‘s interview, technical director of Semen Cardona, (you can find the first one here), on which the expert in swine genetics continues to explain the state of biosecurity, the work of Semen Cardona and the future that awaits the sector, among other things.

1. Today biosecurity is the starting point. What other value-added elements does Semen Cardona provide with its doses and its service?
The first is the almost a la carte service of the genetic material we serve, as it adapts to the needs of the market. The second is to highlight our delivery service, which has an efficient and first-class logistics network. Besides, we have centers in several areas, allowing us to reach where necessary. We cannot ignore the excellent quality of our product, which has an automatic semen vision system and reaches excellent standards in terms of mobility, motility, and concentration.

2. What do we rely on, when we talk about the “quality” of a dose?
Semen quality is given by the quality and quantity of sperm in the dose. A dose that not only gets the recipient pregnant, but the prolificity is what the client wants. Despite the current potential of females to have several offspring, a good product and a good group of professionals of the highest level are needed, such as Semen Cardona has, to achieve the desired results.

3. What does a dose need to maintain its full quality, despite being transported even abroad?
A good part of this is given by the diluents we use, of high quality, that provides the doses with what they need to be preserved. It is also important to choose the correct doses that must be diluted, using the best and viable ones to be transported properly. We cannot omit other duties such as the process, the use of the appropriate temperature, the type of transport or assurance of its correct use on the farms. Everything as a combination, a mixture of factors.

4. The meat sector is moving towards the elimination of antibiotics, and this trend is already moving to the beginning of the chain. Semen Cardona leads a European project in this line. Can you tell us about it?
We have been in this line for a long time, although now it is a trend that in Europe. The antibiotic amount we use is ridiculous, but we seek to reach zero. If they are used, it is because there are bacteria that have proliferated or developed ways to protect themselves. To face this and ensure the quality and safety of the doses, we have led a project to design an alternative, based on synthesis molecules that have antimicrobial capabilities, able to work as if it were an antibiotic. We have also developed technologies such as cold diluent or bags to pack doses with the same antimicrobial capacity.

5. How do you think your sector will be in 20 years?
The improvements have led us to a more demanding and globalized sector. The industry will remain in the hands of powerful companies that work well and are professional and strong. The issue of popular acceptance will also be important, because it has always been a sector in the spotlight, despite being a sector that collaborates in GDP and offers jobs. Despite the adversities, this sector usually reacts well and always moves forward, giving answers to all the questions asked.