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Duque AI Center achieves the ANPSTAND certification for its excellence and innovation

August 2, 2021

Duque Artificial Insemination (AI) Center, in Segovia, is one of the largest and high-tech Semen Cardona production centers. It has been certified with the ANPSTAND seal of the “Quality Standard for Swine Artificial Insemination Centers” accredited by the Araporcei Certification Commission.

It is a certification system based on a quality standard that the ANPS (National Association of Select Pork Breeders) makes available to all insemination centers (AICs) in Spain. A recognition of Semen Cardona’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

This certificate guarantees the clients of Semen Cardona’s AIC Duque compliance with the highest standards in terms of seminal quality in the doses marketed. In this way, farmers will have the assurance that every semen dose they acquire has a control system that verifies the implementation of standardized protocols and parameters. 

Inaugurated three years ago, the CIA Duque houses 300 stallions distributed in three independent and isolated units, with state-of-the-art high biosecurity measures.