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CIA Alòs: technology and biosecurity as a result of the alliance of Semen Cardona and Premier Pigs

July 21, 2021

Semen Cardona has a modern and extensive artificial insemination center (AIC) in Alòs de Balaguer (Lleida) and hosts the largest number of boars in Catalonia. That AI Center was created as a result of the collaboration with Premier Pigs, a young and familiar company with which we share values, objectives, and quality standards.

Semen Cardona is proud to be considered a strategic partner in the management and optimization of AICs, as in this case. A high-performance genetic center with 235 places and 30 with an exclusive quarantine to house the best genetics and in the best conditions, always seeking the maximum comfort of the boars.

The center is equipped with the latest technology and the highest biosafety measures to produce seminal doses. All its ejaculates are tested by the PCR technique.

In fact, in Semen Cardona, we carry out second quality control of the product of all our AICs in Catalonia before packaging. Something utmost important due to the time elapsed since the moment of extraction.

Unstoppable growth

Alòs AI Center was built in 2013 as a result of the alliance between Semen Cardona and Premier Pigs, and in less than a year after reached its maximum capacity. The objective was to optimize costs by guaranteeing the high quality and biosecurity of the product.

The AIC has the latest technology, the best genetics, and a specialized professional team. In addition, it is located in a good health area, on the foothills of the Pre-Pyrenees of Lleida.