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¿Do you know our CIA in Galicia?

July 26, 2019

Semen Cardona also operates in Galicia since mid-June, in a key area to offer our service to customers in the autonomous community and northern Portugal, working with any genetic line that customers demand or need. A step forward from Semen Cardona, to offer a proximity service to customers in the area, offering two delivery routes.

The center is located in a sanitary privileged area due to low swine density and meets all the biosafety protocols of the group. Likewise, it is equipped to produce doses of any volume (45ml, 60ml and 90ml) with automatic packaging machine and has different genetics to be able to serve the different needs of customers.

The capacity of the CIA is 85 boars, in the best conditions, always looking for their comfort. Due to that, the center, like all of Semen Cardona, complies with animal welfare regulations.

The service of the doses that are performed in the CIA is transported with a refrigerated chamber at 17º and is done on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to keep the cold chain from the point of origin to the destination. Always with the certainty that the doses arrive in the best conditions. As in any CIA of Semen Cardona, orders and their follow-up can be made through the APP.

The center has all the necessary tools to facilitate a fast, effective and efficient service, as Semen Cardona has always characterized. We keep growing and working to continue offering the best service and all possible facilities to our customers.