17 de February de 2023

Commercial visit to Semen Cardona from Angola: interest in exporting our successful model

Semen Cardona is the reference in the Spanish pig sector for our value chain. We have a successful model, exported to Mexico and recently to Colombia, which awakens interest to implement it in other continents, as confirmed by the recent visit of the businessman Gualter Lisboa, based in Angola.

María Àngels Rial, president of Semen Cardona, has presented our company to Mr. Lisboa, who is interested in opening a subsidiary in Angola, as well as considering exporting there and opening a market in Africa.

Angola is the fifth largest economy among sub-Saharan countries and is the third client for Spain among African countries: nearly 50 Spanish companies have permanent interests in the country.

The Port of Luanda, its capital (9 million inhabitants), carries out the valuable work of redistributing merchandise to other Central African countries.

For Semen Cardona, it was a pleasure to receive Gualter Lisboa, explain our business model, and analyze the possibility of future collaborations.