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Training for managers of Semen Cardona México at the headquarters

June 18, 2021

Constant improvement is one of the pillars of Semen Cardona and, by extension, of Semen Cardona México, the company’s most important international commitment. For this reason, SC Mexico managers went to the company’s headquarter to carry out training and learned first-hand about different departments of the company.

Elisabeth Martínez, Head of Administration, Human Resources and Logistics at SC México, will be in charge of implementing all she learned during her stay in Cardona’s headquarters’ to “improve, grow and satisfy our customers even more.” Her mission will be to implement in Mexico what we learned here to become a company with really high standards.”

In 2020, Semen Cardona México increased its sales by 15% compared to the previous year. And in recent months, there’s been tangible progress in the digitization process by launching an App for customers. It allows placing orders, has traceability information, and tracks packages. Semen Cardona Mexico has also started up the Authorized Points of Sale (PVA), a network of stores that sell and guard doses of SC México.