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The technical director of Semen Cardona, Xavier Barrera, makes a technical visit to the entire company’s infrastructure in Mexico

October 28, 2022

The Technical and Production Director of Semen Cardona, Xavier Barrera, has made a technical visit to the Mexico headquarters to supervise the company’s infrastructure in the country: equipment, procedures, and work equipment. In addition, he met with clients to study jointly the introduction of new protocols and insemination processes developed in SC Spain.

Xavi Barrera is a world-renowned pig production and biosecurity expert with extensive experience in audits in (AIC) Artificial Insemination Centers. On this occasion, he visited the different production centers that Semen Cardona has in Mexico to carry out an internal audit of structures, processes, equipment, and applied biosafety measures.

Our technical and production director has visited the three Semen Cardona CIAs in Mexico: Núcleo, San Joaquín, and the recently inaugurated Milagro. He has also audited the active quarantines, a quarantine under construction, the central offices in Tepatitlán (Guadalajara) and the laboratory, and the logistics point of Irapuato (Guanajuato).

In addition, throughout his stay, Barrera has held technical meetings with several clients to apply protocols and procedures currently being carried out in Spain. That would allow expanding production and improving production procedures in Mexico.

Semen Cardona has provided data from studies carried out in Spain to analyze their adaptation in Mexico as a pilot test and check how they can affect the intrinsic environmental characteristics of the country to apply them effectively.