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Semen Cardona was present at Minitube TechDays in Germany

May 19, 2022

The technical and production director of Semen Cardona, Xavier Barrera, was present at the Minitube TechDays in Tiefenbach, Germany, which revolved around professional boar semen production.

The first day was filled with specialist lectures by well-known industry experts. Dr. Martin Schulze (IFN Schönow) reported on new research results on boar semen transport. Eva Schilling (BUS) gave insight into important hygiene aspects of sperm production.

What needs to be considered when training young boars and preparing boars for semen collection, is what Dr. Michael Kleve-Feld (PIC) reported about. Dr. Anne Luther (University of Veterinary Medicine, Hanover) and PhD Rudolf Großfeld (Minitüb GmbH) highlighted important aspects concerning the selection and approval of extenders, as well as sperm compatibility tests.

On Day 2, around 40 on-site participants experienced practice-oriented workshops on the topics of sperm analysis, laboratory management, and quality assurance. A tour of the Minitube premises in Tiefenbach, Germany, rounded off the program for the participants.