31 de March de 2023

Semen Cardona participates in the XVI International Congress on Swine Reproduction in Brazil: SC Mexico Director as speaker

Semen Cardona has participated in the XVI International Congress on Swine Reproduction, a highly relevant event in the global pig industry organized by Kubus and held in Foz de Iguazú, Brazil.

As a sponsor of the event, Semen Cardona was represented by the Director of International Development, Carles Torrentó, and the Director of Semen Cardona Mexico, Orlando Cadena, who also participated as a speaker in a round table on “AI Centers Management: Operability, Efficiency and Logistics.” 

The congress, held every two years, brings together the main actors in the pig industry worldwide to present and discuss the latest research and advances in pig reproduction. AI center management, reproductive efficiency in the pig industry, and the application of new technologies in pig reproduction were topics addressed in this edition. 

The International Congress on Swine Reproduction is an opportunity for pig industry experts all over the world to come together to share knowledge and experiences and establish contacts and collaborations with other professionals.

Semen Cardona’s participation in this event is further evidence of its commitment to innovation and technology in the pig industry, as its interest in being present at the main forums and events in the sector at the international level.