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Semen Cardona is a successful case at the international level for the Swine Management and Economic Program of the 333 Academy

October 7, 2022

This week, the central headquarters and the new laboratory of Semen Cardona have been the scene of a master class given by our professionals to the participants of the first edition of the Swine Management and Economic Program, an immersion educational program in the Spanish pig sector organized by 333 Corporate and the 333 Academy.

The 18 students in the program, from six Latin American countries, learn from Spanish leaders in the sector, including Semen Cardona, the country’s leader in exports and a world leader in the pig sector. A success story explained through our work methodology, particularly on the digitization process of our production system.

From Semen Cardona, we are thankful for the opportunity to contribute with our experience to the talent development in our sector, as 333 Corporate and the 333 Academy intend. Their objectives through the Swine Management and Economic Program are to promote collaborative dialogue to evolve business models through education and innovation, publicize success stories and educate pig business management with the best techniques and concepts.