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Semen Cardona emphasizes biosecurity

October 5, 2018

At SemenCardona we have always tried to go one step ahead in terms of biosecurity and with this purpose, and because of our non-conformist nature, we continue working every day in the application of biosecurity measures both in our centers and in the delivery of products to our customers.

For this purpose, we offer a safe delivery point service outside the farms to avoid cross contamination. This delivery point has a padlock, ventilation for the conservative refrigerator (capacity of 140 liters with a microprocessor) and a plug.

In addition to this delivery with maximum biosecurity guarantees, Semen Cardona provides optimum conservation conditions of its products, which reverts to the optimization of semen quality at the moment of its use.

At the same time, the new centers that SemenCardona is putting into operation, such as the one recently inaugurated in Tarazona and the one that is soon to open in Segovia, are located in strategic zones of low porcine density and are designed with avant-garde biosecurity measures, the most advanced of the moment. Measures added to the existing ones.

This new centers are equipped with filtered air (increases biosecurity by preventing the entry of pathogens by air), automated environmental control (guarantees optimum environmental conditions – humidity, ventilation and temperature – throughout the year), isolated ships and pneumatic tubes (moves the samples from prelaboratory to laboratory avoiding cross contamination).