15 de November de 2023

Semen Cardona, active collaborator in the conference ‘Communication in the Pork Industry: Present and Future’

At Semen Cardona, we take pride in being pioneers in the continuous improvement of the pork industry. That’s why it’s an honor for us to have participated as collaborators in the event ‘Communication in the Pork Industry: Present and Future,’ a highly relevant initiative organized by HERALDO, Caja Rural de Aragón, and the i+Porc cluster.

The event, held at Caja Rural de Aragón facilities, served as a crucial platform to address challenges and opportunities in the efficient communication of the pork industry.

In three discussion panels, experts and industry leaders explored hot topics: ‘Effective Communication in the Pork Industry: Challenges and Opportunities,’ ‘Connecting with the Youth,’ and ‘Transparency and Sustainability in Pork Industry Communication.’

Jordi Coletas, CEO of Semen Cardona, and Maria Àngels Rial, the company’s president, represented us and actively participated in these strategic conversations during a day that advocated for the pork industry’s place in society. It highlighted the urgent need for greater visibility and more effective communication.

Semen Cardona is committed to innovation and excellence, and we are proud to be part of this important event that drives the present and future of the pork industry. We take an active role in leading discussions that aim to strengthen the industry’s presence. Our vision and experience contribute to the communication landscape in the pork world, and we are dedicated to continuing to do so.