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Post-cervical insemination, a consolidated and growing technique

January 20, 2020

After reviewing the numbers obtained by Semen Cardona in the previous exercise, with a historical record of distributed doses, other data came to the fore and are worth noting. One of them is the increase in formats adapted to post-cervical insemination, which is increasingly important in the sector. The numbers obtained leave no room for doubt: it is a consolidated and constantly evolving technique.

Semen Cardona was a pioneer in its implementation in 2007 and, since then, it has established itself as a rising technique. It is a method with multiple advantages, technically simple and easy to use, which also offers more than proven technical results. The use of this technique allows for dose reduction without affecting fertility and prolificacy results. Along the same lines, other advantages of this technique, in addition to economic savings, are the reduction of reflux, the reduction in insemination time, and the better use of boars.

An element to take into account is that, when using a smaller number of spermatozoon for insemination, it is necessary to take special care of the doses because the sperm quality must be of the highest one and be specifically prepared for this technique. Semen Cardona is an expert and reference in the sector doing this technique. The company offers different formats, with doses of 30, 45, 60, and 90 ml.

Semen Cardona offers different dosage formats made with this technique, guaranteeing excellent results. Already in 2017, an important barrier was broken since the doses that were performed with post cervical insemination outnumbered the doses sold by the traditional method. A technique of great success and in clear ascent.