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Where are we?

We export to 25 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. We have international offices in Spain, Mexico and the Philippines.

In total, we have 19 Artificial Insemination Centers (AIC), as well as 5 quarantines, 5 central laboratories and preparation laboratories in all our centers. Our head office is in Cardona, in the province of Barcelona, where this great adventure began and where we keep our roots, stronger and deeper every day.

High-performance genetic centers


Through our commitment to proximity, in recent years we have launched numerous Artificial Insemination Centers and have created international headquarters in the Philippines and Mexico. If for Semen Cardona to grow means to expand the family, we have to be close to ours.


Our headquarters is located in our roots: Cardona, in the province of Barcelona. From here, in the rural heart of Catalonia, we coordinate the 15 Artificial Insemination Centers (AIC) that we have in Spain and the relations with the international offices located in Mexico and the Philippines. In our growth, we have counted on the collaboration of the different local and international partners without which the expansion we are carrying out wouldn’t have been easy. Thanks to our collaborative philosophy, we continue to grow and consolidate a large company that maintains its family (species) DNA. So, for us to grow means to expand the family.


In Tepatitlán de Morenos, in the state of Jalisco, we recently opened our office in Mexico, where we have already two high performance Artificial Insemination Centers (AIC Núcleo and AIC San Joaquin). The Mexican market is one of the highest growth prospects in America and it’s from this that we lead our expansion in Latin American.


At Umigan, in an agrarian and forestry area at 200 km from the capital Manila, we have located our Philippine office alongside our modern artificial insemination center. This is Semen Cardona central office in Philippines. It is currently dedicated to the local market but is oriented to become our continental headquarters in Southeast Asia, where we project an ambitious expansion plan. Plaridel


When it comes to our Artificial Insemination Centers (AIC), we always like to talk about high- performance genetic centers because it’s just what we do in them: Accelerates the genetic yield of our specimens in terms of quality, productivity and prolificacy.

AIC CARDONA Barcelona, Catalunya


In addition to our headquarters and the company’s general management, we have installed in Cardona our first artificial insemination center (AIC), the quintessential example of the high- performance genetic center, with 160 stallions selected from among the best of the world. Thanks to its state-of-the-art manufacturing and packaging laboratory, we provide the customers of Cardona with areas ranging from local to international. A very important part of our European exports comes directly from Cardona. At Cardona operates our R+ D department, with continuous and high-level activity in innovative techniques, methods and technologies.

AIC ALÒS Lleida, Catalunya


A large and modern facility for an artificial insemination center (AIC) with a high genetic performance with the largest number of specimens in Catalonia. The exploitation of Alòs, with 235 specimens of the best genetics, is endowed with the latest technology for a production process of the seminal doses for the porcine sector. It has the maximum European measures of biosafety and incorporates the greatest biotechnology and scientific advances of our R+D department.

AIC AVIÀ Barcelona, Catalunya


One of our historic artificial insemination centers (AIC), at full capacity and with very high levels of biosafety. It is a multi-genetic center formed by 3 isolated vessels and far away (one of them at 500m from the nearest), from where the doses travel by means of pneumatic tubes towards the laboratory to prevent any exit to the outside. Its laboratory elaborates doses to cover the demand of the great breeding activity in the Catalan interior regions.

AIC CAL TIET Barcelona, Catalunya


In collaboration with the family company that owns the farm (Garriga family), Semen Cardona launched in 2002 this high-performance artificial insemination center (AIC) in an area extremely isolated from other farms and any communication means. There are 125 boars, maternal line or finalizers, of UPB Genetics, with whom we collaborate in the project. The doses of porcine semen coming from their laboratory serves to cover the demand of UPB Spain and also to semen Cardona clients who consumes doses of this genetics.

AIC LACETÀNIA Lleida, Catalunya


In 2010, the acquisition of this artificial insemination center (AIC) was a major revival in the internationalization of Semen Cardona, since it allowed to satisfy an export demand to the difficult point. Today, this multi-genetic center of high performance and maximum biosafety has 90 stallions of the best European genetics and the measured production is exclusively destined for European and Asian markets.

AIC MIGJORN Barcelona, Catalunya


This high-performance artificial Insemination Center (AIC) is located in a privileged forest area, radically away from other livestock farms, which reinforces the maximum biosafety component of all our farms. The cockpit destined to the boars, basically of the Pietrain breed, is made up of small individual vessels with capacities ranging from 4 to 30 breeding males, in order to achieve independent environments, isolated from one another, so as to avoid any transit of possible infectious pathologies. Located in areas specially designed for breeding males, boars live in truly excellent conditions.



A small artificial Insemination center (AIC) with 50 of the best European stallions of different genetics. This is a high-performance genetic center located in a strategic enclave, both for biosafety issues, for its distance from other farms, and commercial, since it brings us a great proximity with clients from Navarra, the Basque Country and the north of Castilla.

AIC DUQUE Segovia, Castilla y León


A multi-genetic artificial insemination center, high performance and pioneer in maximum biosafety: Three independent vessels and totally insulated with filtered air which prevents the entry of any micro-organism as if it was an operating room. This center will be operational by the end of this 2018. A laboratory with the most advanced technology to prepare and package doses of porcine semen of maximum genetic value for its distribution in Castilla and León, Cantabria, Asturias and the north of Portugal.

AIC TARAZONA Zaragoza, Aragón


A large high-performance genetic transfer center built in 2018 in collaboration with the genetics company PIC Improvement Company, with 300 boars of high genetic value in innovative and maximum biosafety facilities: Divided into 4 fully insulated compartments with individual air filtering. The AIC of Tarazona has its own autonomous laboratory, with elaboration and packaging, equipped with the most advanced technology to achieve the maximum performance of the doses of porcine semen. From this artificial insemination center, doses are available for the entire Spanish market.

AIC VILADA Barcelona, Catalunya


It is one of the most privileged centers of natural state in terms of security, since it is in a natural area which, besides its great beauty, is remotely away from any livestock breeding. Located next to the Baells swamp and at the foot of the Pyrenees, it is a good center to serve companies that wants to invest in high genetic value maternal lineages. It is a very small breeding with 34 boars, all of the American DNA genetics (Danish North-America genetics). It also has a pre-laboratory where the first pre-dilutions and immediate quality control are prepared before final processing, final control and packaging in Cardona.

AIC LA MOSELLA Lleida, Catalunya


A small farmhouse at the foot of the Pyrenees, with 29 stallions of a single genetic and pure lineages, which must be highly protected from a sanitary point of view and it is in this situation that we have the full guarantee of its distance. In fact, this farm started as a quarantine and ended up becoming an AIC. It is a farm set up with the collaboration of the livestock family that owns the farm, in a historic farmhouse in the region of Solsonès. It also has a pre-laboratory to guarantee the optimal conditions of the semen immediately after extraction.



After more than a decade of exports to the Philippines, in 2018, we constructed the first high- performance artificial Insemination Center (AIC) in partnership with the outstanding Asian company Plaridel, with which we have formed the subsidiary Semen Cardona Philippines. The Philippines AIC has 200 specimens imported from the best European genetics, and will serve to bring us closer to the Philippine and Southeast Asian markets, where Semen Cardona is experiencing great growth.



The first high performance artificial insemination center (AIC) created by Semen Cardona in Mexico, where we have been exporting since the 1990s. It is a multi-genetic farm with 230 stallions in excellent quality of life conditions and maximum level of biosafety. From the Mexican Autonomous Laboratory, endowed with the highest technology of the sector on a global scale, doses of porcine semen of high genetic value are prepared and distributed for the Mexican market and exported to other countries of Latin America.



Thanks to an important agreement with the company Clamaral, owner of the facilities, Semen Cardona manages the production in this modern artificial insemination center (AIC) of high performance, with 100 boars of high genetic value and several breeds. The doses developed at AIC of San Joaquín cover the needs of artificial insemination of Clamaral swine and takes advantage of the synergies offered for it sale to other Mexican customers.