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Topigs Norsvin and Semen Cardona Mexico inaugurate the new Genetic Dissemination Center “El Milagro”, in Mexico

September 23, 2022

The great success of Topigs Norsvin genetics and the pioneering position of Semen Cardona as a service company in Meixo, together with the alliance between both companies in recent years, defines a new stage: Topigs Norsvin seeks to have a unigenetic, controlled, and reliable center in which to introduce their genetics, a need that they have entrusted to Semen Cardona.

For this reason, we created a new project, “El Milagro” Genetic Dissemination Center, to offer seminal doses of the best quality and a superior genetic level for Mexican pig farmers.

This new alliance is a step forward in the management of centers of Semen Cardona as a specialized company in producing seminal doses in the hands of one of the most successful genetics houses in the world. While for Topigs Norsvin, it means accelerating its growth at the rate that the pig market demands. El Milagro is one of the two single-gene centers inaugurated by Topigs Norsvin in 2022 within Mexican territory.

El Milagro is located strategically in Dolores Hidalgo area, Guanajuato, a place with high biosecurity, demonstrated in recent years. Likewise, it has its quarantine that facilitates compliance with the high replacement rates of Topigs Norsvin to provide the best genetic indexes to its clients.

El Milagro has a capacity of up to 200 exclusive Topigs Norsvin boars, an equipped laboratory, and qualified personnel trained by Semen Cardona to process high-quality doses, which positions it among the biggest genetics offers in the Mexican market.