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The clues to the PCR technique

February 3, 2020

As we announced not long ago, Semen Cardona is a pioneer in the use of the PCR technique in all its doses, one more tool in search of almost perfect biosecurity. Using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), it is much easier to identify possible viruses (especially the most problematic PRRS) and other pathogens. In this way, and always before delivery, Semen Cardona and the client are assured that the doses delivered are free of the PRRS virus.

What is it and how is it used?

PCR is a molecular biology technique that allows the amplification of DNA fragments, thus facilitating the analysis of possible viruses. Once the ejaculates have been properly extracted and preserved, a pure semen sample from each dose is collected aseptically and directly. These samples are sent to the laboratory to do the analyzes in a pool of five, according to the validation of the supplier of the PCR kit.

From here, there are two options. If the samples are virus-free, they will be frozen for four months as proof of their purity. However, if any gave a positive result, the samples would be reanalyzed to certify the results, and the lots and the possible affected center would be immobilized until further notice.

Through this technique, Semen Cardona guarantees its clients the purity of the ejaculates and that all seminal doses they acquire, without exception and in complete safety, will be virus-free. Customers, as a bonus, can track the analytics of the company’s animals that are routinely done through the website and the application. Always, to be transparent in terms of its methodology to clients.

Why, right now?

It is one of the questions that we have been asked the most times. PCR is still a novel technique in search of better biosecurity. An advance that Semen Cardona has wanted to implement as soon as possible since it is not an easy or cheap task. However, its results are very positive and it guarantees even higher quality and safety in the product, so it was decided to innovate and be the first to use the PCR technique.

Semen Cardona is a company that always bets on new technological and scientific advances, in addition to investing resources in R&D, such as the current research carried out to try to end the use of antibiotics in doses. Any effort aimed at maximizing biosecurity at extreme levels and continue to be an international benchmark in the sector.