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Semen Cardona’s leadership in women

March 6, 2020

Semen Cardona was born three decades ago from the hand of a woman, Maria Àngels Rial, who had one goal: to implement a novel and hardly known technique in a traditionally male sector. After effort, perseverance, improvement, and learning, Semen Cardona grew and developed with the help of a staff full of women who, every day, have shown and demonstrate their talent, their capacity for teamwork, and their leadership.

Three women, three examples

Ramona Jordana is one of the people who is part of Semen Cardona almost from the beginning, having been in the company for 24 years. During all this time, he has been an example for everyone every day, demonstrating that “this is a job that can be done by both a man and a woman.”

Imma Xandri, for her part, is clear that despite still being a sector dominated by men where women “are forced to demonstrate their value continuously”, the way has been paved thanks, in part, to Semen Cardona and Maria Àngels Rial. They have put on the table that women “have a lot to contribute” in this sector in every way.

Maria Àngels Rial was able to overcome all the gender barriers she encountered on her way, in a period when it was not easy at all. Being a little-known technique, he had to demonstrate more times that it worked due to the reluctance that existed, without failing and always with the solid conviction that he would succeed.

Semen Cardona was born breaking barriers and continues working to make it so. Women not only have a place in the pig sector, but they also have a leading and leading role, adding great value to the profession. For this reason, today and every day, we congratulate all the women for their work and we thank and praise their talent, their teamwork, their empathy, and their tolerance.