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Semen Cardona starts up its logistics center in Segovia

November 9, 2020

At Semen Cardona, we continue to strengthen our commitment to biosecurity and hygiene, and this week we have started up the new logistics center in Segovia, a facility that allows us to continue applying improvements in this region.

With this new opening, we achieve one of our great objectives: to minimize the movement of vehicles within the AIC, offering even higher biosecurity and more organized and efficient work systems.

The Segovia AIC logistics center facilitates the exchange of orders from different production centers and optimizes our routes (Toledo, Segovia, Zamora, and Burgos).

In addition to offering greater control of delivery movements, the logistics center has differentiated spaces prepared for specific tasks, whether loading or unloading of material or an area where to prepare the vehicles for delivery.

The new logistics center in Segovia, like the one inaugurated at the Semen Cardona headquarters, complies with strict cleaning and disinfection standards and protocols, such as the one carried out with the vans that arrive and make the delivery. Also, delivery men cannot go to the AIC staff clean zone.

These innovations and improvements contribute to further extreme biosecurity and hygiene measures, two of Semen Cardona’s major issues, which we will soon be reinforced with the start-up of a logistics center in Aragon.