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Semen Cardona México, in the 7th National Congress of Pork Producers

October 29, 2018

On October 17, 18 and 19, the 7th edition of the National Congress of Pork Producers of Mexico was held, organized by Oporpa (Organización de Porcicultores del País), on the Riviera de Nayarit. An event in which Semen Cardona Mexico was present and that counted with a great representation of the Mexican pig-raising, as well as its industry.

With his participation and his presence with a stand, Semen Cardona was able to see first hand the needs of the pig farmers. In addition, we take the opportunity to inform them of our latest developments, such as equipping delivery vehicles with autonomous conservators. And we also updated them on the latest additions to artificial insemination centers.

From Semen Cardona, once again, we closed the event with great satisfaction and we want to thank the organizers.