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Semen Cardona becomes the best partner for large genetic companies

February 19, 2021

Alliances are the key to the growth and progress of the pig sector. At Semen Cardona, we are well aware of this: we have a collaborative model with all the genetic sector companies in the sector, who trust our infrastructure and professionalism.

At Semen Cardona, we offer these large genetic companies our knowledge, facilities, and logistics infrastructure. They give us their boars, and we take care of them, train them, and manage the production and distribution of the product.

A business model based on the professionalism, biosecurity, hygiene, and efficiency we work with at Semen Cardona. We carry out sanitary controls of the animals in our custody and quality controls of the material obtained.

In fact, at Semen Cardona, we were pioneering the use of techniques such as PCR. And we have a first-rate national logistics system, which makes us an excellent partner for the top swine genetics brands.

In the Spanish market, Semen Cardona goes hand in hand with these large pig genetics companies, which in some cases give us the exclusivity of their production.

Collaborations allow for closer ties between companies and reinforce everyone involved. Because genetic companies trust the work carried out in Semen Cardona, in our continuous commitment to new technologies and biosafety in all processes, in addition to our involvement in studies to improve the sector.