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Isidro Sánchez: “being responsible of one of the best centers is one of the best rewards I can have”

June 18, 2020

If the other day we were talking with Rafael Candal, zone manager, today is the turn for Isidro Sánchez, head of the GTC Tarazona of Semen Cardona. He is responsible for the management of the GTC, and for controlling and optimizing production, among other tasks.

Question. As head of the GTC Tarazona, how would you analyze the work that has been done so far?

Answer. It has been and is being a very conscientious job, trying not to leave any loose ends. Everything is analyzed to achieve the best of the possible options. There is a great team of professionals in the sector ensuring that everything is as efficient as possible.

Q.What has gone well and what needs to be improved?

The best is, undoubtedly, the facilities and preparation of the team of this center.  About improving, everything is capable of, but almost everything is small details that we overcome day by day with everyone’s work.

Q. What goals had you set for this course before the pandemic?

After more than a year of work, we expected the consolidation of the productive ratios. All of them marked a clear trend of improvement month by month, and we hoped to reach the productive ceiling of this center.

Q. Tarazona is one of the largest GTC in Spain and behind it, there is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the sector. Is it an added pressure or an added incentive when it comes to being responsible?

There is no doubt that the pressure exists, but when I accepted this challenge, I did it with the confidence that I could carry it out. Being responsible for one of the best centers in Europe is one of the best rewards I can have.

Q. GTC self-sufficient, electric vehicle, etc. How would you define the environmental commitment of GTC Tarazona and Semen Cardona?

The world is changing, and at Semen Cardona we want to post on conserving our environment. With the self-sufficiency you allude, we are demonstrating that we can implement livestock farms with an ecological impact very close to zero.

Q. Is there any other plan to continue innovating in this field?

Of course yes. From Semen Cardona we collaborate in the study for the reduction of antibiotics, and we test new materials to reduce the use of plastics in this industry. Besides, in our center, we plan to repopulate the entire GTC environment with oaks with an irrigation system that takes advantage of all the water collected from the rains, for later use in the irrigation of this new plantation.

Q. How do you ensure that the product or the doses arrive in perfect conditions and maximum quality when it must be moved?

The transport of the doses is critical, therefore all our vehicles are equipped with the most modern fleet of refrigerators. Our logistics department optimizes the routes so that they are done in the shortest possible time. If we must depend on an external transport company, we test the effectiveness of the shipments with test packages that indicate times and temperatures supported.

Q. How has the management of an Artificial Insemination Center changed from a few years ago to now?

Uffff, if I told you (laughs). I have more than 25 years of experience in managing GTC‘s, and we have gone from being an almost artisanal activity to being a perfectly structured activity, with perfectly defined manufacturing processes. We have become an industrial activity, although encompassed in the primary sector.

Q. How is the relationship with the client? What factor makes the difference?

This is where we make a difference when it comes to the industrial sector. We still keep the human factor, customer proximity, advice, and support. From our president, MªAngels, to the last person who has joined Semen Cardona, we must show a clear vocation for customer service. Without this, we would not exist. This company has been working for 30 years, so we have known how to provide this service.

Q. What did the arrival of Semen Cardona and the establishment of this GTC mean for Tarazona?

The fact that any company is installed in a small city it always means good news. Likewise, we must add appearances in the media, visits by experts from around the world … Everything makes Tarazona and its region distinguished in the livestock farming/biotechnology sector, generating a fingerprint that can attract more visitors and perhaps new investments.